Drs. Richard Charles and Esther Yewpick Lee Charitable Foundation

The R C Lee Centenary Scholarship 2018


The Drs. Richard Charles and Esther Yewpick Lee Charitable Foundation invites applications for the R C Lee Centenary Scholarship for the academic year 2018.

There will be a maximum of 3 scholarships each year. The scholarship will normally last for the duration of the scholar’s chosen course at a university of his or her choice outside Hong Kong. This scholarship supports programmes at doctoral, master’s or bachelor’s level and covers tuition fees, accommodation costs, living expenses, books, incidental expenses, return airfare and subsidy for foreign travel during vacations.

Applicants must have gained an admission offer from their chosen university to study their chosen course; have obtained first class honours degrees from their university in Hong Kong; be able to communicate effectively in English as well as the language in which their studies will be undertaken, if different; and be under the age of 25 years on the date when their awards commence. Students who do not have an admission offer by the closing date for applications and final-year undergraduate students may still apply. The selection committee may, in exceptional circumstances, and having considered all the other qualities of the applicant, award the scholarship to a candidate who achieves an upper second-class honours degree.  

Successful candidates will be those who can be expected to make a substantial contribution to Hong Kong during the course of their working lives. They must therefore show excellent scholastic achievements, strong leadership abilities, extensive general knowledge and civic mindedness and good communication skills.

More information and application forms for the scholarship are obtainable from the R C Lee Centenary Scholarship Secretariat, c/o Mrs. Clara Lee, at PO Box 3038, General Post Office, Hong Kong; or from the scholarship website at

Completed applications together with ALL supporting documents must be returned to the Scholarship Secretariat no later than October 14, 2017. Late, incomplete or improperly completed applications will not be considered. For enquiries, please send an email to








Profiles of R C LEE SCHOLARS

Miss Mandy YIP, 2005 R C Lee Scholar

I am Mandy Yip, the first R C Lee Scholar (2005). I was privileged to be selected as the first recipient of the R C Lee Centenary Scholarship which enabled me to read a Master of Science in Transport and Business Management at Imperial College London.

My undergraduate education in Civil Engineering at the University of Hong Kong has provided me a solid foundation to my professional preparation as an engineer. However, it was when I pursued an exchange programme at the University of California, Los Angeles that I realized I needed more exposure to the wider world in order to be capable of managing my personal and professional development. I could foresee myself becoming a mediocre engineer in Hong Kong if I chose to start my graduate engineering training immediately upon my undergraduate graduation, but I decided to opt for a different path.

Pursuing a master’s degree in England is very enriching and rewarding both in the academic arena and for my personal growth. Perhaps I still would not become a great engineer, but the experience abroad has transformed me from a person with a very limited scope of knowledge to someone who has a genuine quest for knowledge even beyond the engineering profession. I am truly grateful for the opportunity I was given and I would encourage fellow Hong Kong students to pursue their dreams to study abroad by applying to the R C Lee Centenary Scholarship. Do embrace the opportunity offered right in front of you and embark on a journey that can possibly alter your life!


Mr. AU YEUNG Ching Man, Albert, 2006 R C Lee Scholar

My name is Au Yeung Ching Man, and you can call me Albert. This year I obtained the R C Lee Centenary Scholarship and am now studying in the University of Southampton for my PhD degree in Electronics and Computer Science. This is the first time that I will be away of home for such a long period of time. I will graduate from this university after 3 years. I would very much like to become a professor and contribute to the education of young people in Hong Kong.

Education Background
I graduated from La Salle College, which is in Kowloon City. The seven years in La Salle is no doubt one of the most delightful periods in my life. I miss my fellow classmates and teachers a lot.

I entered the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2001, and majored in Information Engineering (IE), which is my favourite subject. I also enrolled in the minor programme of Psychology because I am very much interested in how the human brain works. My final year project in IE concerns the development of wireless communication with LEDs. It was very interesting and if you would like to know more about it I can send you a video of the project.

I worked for my MPhil degree for two years in the department of Computer Science and Engineering in CUHK after I have graduated. In this department, I carried out a research project on the development of the Semantic Web, which is the future extension of the current World Wide Web.   In Southampton, I will continue my research work on the Semantic Web. However, I have not yet decided on  my research topic. I hope I will be able to do so once I have acquired more knowledge about the current trend of development.

My Interests
As a computer science student, I am very much interested in various aspects of computer. I like working on computer programmes. I have worked as a freelance web designer when I was in secondary school.

I like to read books of many different kinds. In particular, I like to read books on psychology, general science, fictions, essays and biographies. My favourite authors include Michael Crichton, Arthur C. Clarke, Paulo Coelho and Roald Dahl. As for Chinese books, I am fond of the writings of the Chinese author Yu Qiuyu.

Besides computer and reading, I like to play sports such as badminton, table tennis and soccer.


Mr. Ray Kong LAM,   2006 R C Lee Scholar

Ray Kong Lam is undertaking his Ph.D. studies in Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA.  He aspires to be a university professor with a passion in researching the next-generation computer networks and in teaching.

He obtained his B.Eng. in Internet Engineering and did his M.Phil. in Computer Science at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Ray, feeling the responsibility to offer help to his fellows, has been a student leader throughout the years he was in secondary school and in university. He worked as the Vice President in the Students’ Union in his secondary school, as the Founder & President of his departmental students’ society, and as a Resident Tutor in the university. He enjoyed teaching and was elected by his students the best teaching assistant of his department in 2006.

He is interested in a variety of global issues, especially in globalization, and once participated in the Global Young Leaders Conference in New York.  Ray hopes his research in computer networks will help promote the welfare of people in the world. In addition to his academic pursuit, he loves soccer, reading, traveling and meeting people from all cultures.


Miss Amy Pao,  2006 R C Lee Scholar

Amy graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a First Class Honors degree in Arts in 2005. During university, she double majored in Comparative Literature and Philosophy and acquired therefrom a stronger sense of social awareness and critical power. To be true to what she had learned, she remained active in the Volunteer Movement organized by the Social Welfare Department and in debating activities, both of which she first joined during high school. She continued to develop her interest in music and was also a player of her residential hall’s hockey team and aquatic team.

Amy will take up a Master of Science in Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh in September. She aspires to become a public intellectual who can integrate academic theories with social and public affairs, so as to bring insights into improving current social conditions. Her plan is to further study to prepare for an academic career.


Mr. Spike Wing Sing LEE, 2007 R C Lee Scholar

Graduating from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, B.S.Sc. in Psychology, I am now pursuing Ph.D. in Social Psychology at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in the U.S.

Since early secondary school, I have been intrigued by psychology and philosophy. Such interests probably found their roots in my daily attempts to make sense of my friends’ behaviors throughout childhood. Participation in the jazz band as a pianist also heightened my awareness of group dynamics. Together with the bewildering reflections upon my potential contributions to the world, I started actively delving into psychological and philosophical questions.

In the past few years I have conducted collaborative projects with local and overseas researchers that seek to address such questions as why we have consciousness, what values are embraced by people of different cultures, and how reliable survey data may be considered. More generally, asking what, how and why of human reality—clarifying a human phenomenon, revealing the processes leading to it, identifying its values or functions—always arrests my attention. I consider these questions to be of both scholarly and societal importance. It is through research that better answers can be continually provided.

Therefore I aspire to be a university professor, devoting my career to research and teaching while aiming also at applying research findings to broader concerns such as education and public health. In short, I aim to serve society through science.        

At home I enjoy quiet thinking, reading, music, movies, and basketball. Of equal interest is traveling around the world.  This gives me the exposure to practices distinct from my own cultural background thereby heightens my sensitivity to human diversity and provides me a global perspective.  I am glad to see that my travel interest fits nicely with the philosophy of this scholarship.

Mr. CHIANG Ho Lun, Alan, 2009 R C Lee Scholar

I graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2007, with an interim degree of Bachelor of Social Science (Architectural Studies). With the generous support of the R C Lee Centenary Scholarship, I am able to continue my architectural education leading to a Diploma Degree and the RIBA professional qualification at the Architectural Association (the AA), the Britain’s oldest and most vital school of architecture.

I love traveling, which I think is a true way of learning architecture. In my year of graduation, I was awarded the Lee Hysan Travel Scholarship based on my self directed traveling study proposal. I visited  Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria, experienced the subtlety, precision and beauty of Swiss architecture which constantly are my sources of inspiration, I realized once again the area that interested me from time to time - the aesthetic imperative and compositional quality of architecture.

Before my pursuit of further professional education, I had been offered work placements at Foster + Partners in London and a local practice SLHO & Associates, which were all priceless experience for me to expose myself in the international stage of architectural creation as well as the local design community. I was particularly inspired by the professionalism and enthusiasm of architects in Hong Kong and their genuine search for possibilities and opportunities in the relatively confined design environment in our city.

I always long to join part of this visionary group of people, and believe that I would bring my knowledge gained in western education together with a positive impact to Hong Kong, where my potential was firstly realized and nurtured.

Mr Charles Kwong Chin Wai, 2009 R C Lee Scholar

Charles Kwong is currently undertaking the Doctor of Philosophy programme at the University of York, UK, where he studies musical composition under the mentorship of the prominent Albanian-born composer Thomas Simaku. Prior to his research in composing at York, Charles has obtained a B.A. in Music from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and an M.Mus in Composition from King’s College, University of London.

In pursuing his study in the academia, Charles is at the same time establishing his career as an emerging young composer in the professional music scene. With his work Branches, Charles obtained the winner award of the 2009 New Generation composition concert held by the Hong Kong Composers’ Guild and RTHK 4. In the summer of 2009, Charles was commissioned an arrangement project by the Hong Kong Sinfonietta for their latest McDull Concert Series. Back in 2008, Charles’s Work Helix Diversion was selected by the London Chamber Orchestra to be performed in a concert at St. John’s, Smith Square at London. The same work is recently published by Imprimata Publishers through the London Chamber Orchestra. Works of Charles have also been publicly performed by other professional groups such as the Lontano Ensemble (UK), Kreutzer String Quartet (UK), and Hong Kong City Chamber Orchestra. Charles has been commissioned a new work by the Hong Kong Composers’ Guild in 2010, and he will actively look for more opportunities of presenting his new works to the audience during his study in the UK.

Charles plays the clarinet and tenor saxophone and he is a holder of the Licentiate Diploma of Trinity College London (LTCL) in Clarinet Performance with Distinction. Despite being trained and specialising in the Classical discipline, Charles has as much a passion in Jazz. Besides music, Charles also has great interest in literature and visual arts.


Mr. Antony Kar-hung TAM 2009 R C Lee Scholar

I am determined to dive into the sociological scholarly ocean to acquire knowledge and research skills which pave my way for becoming a researcher and professor in education-related issues as my lifetime vocation. I am currently pursuing my Master studies in Sociology and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City.

My inclination towards sociology was cultivated during the process of unearthing truths and critically plumbing social issues beyond superficial facts and stereotypes in my undergraduate studies in Journalism and Communication at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. My part-time teaching in high schools and voluntary services on youth development piqued my mounting concern about education-related issues in a broader context and drove me to subsequently undertake Postgraduate Diploma in Education in Liberal Studies at the same university.

Having worked as an Administrative Officer in the Government of Hong Kong for two years, I realize that practical research findings and expert advice are essential to effectively addressing social issues among stakeholders. With a view to giving direct contributions to the young and the education field, I decided to embark on my new life journey to strive towards my goal.

I love volunteering and travelling. Holding the belief of “each life is the inspiration of another life”, I enjoy serving the needy with love and care while I treasure the exchange of ideas among people with diversified background. With the generous support from the R C Lee Centenary Scholarship, I am glad to have this valuable opportunity to have my horizons broadened and my life changed.

Miss Evelyn WAN, 2012 R C Lee Scholar

After graduating from HKU with a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Government and Laws, I studied at Utrecht University in the Netherlands for a taught masters in Comparative Women’s Studies in Culture and Politics.  After that I took a gap year, not only to travel, but to explore the performing arts scene in Hong Kong.  I worked with a local youth choir, collaborated with other artists to create independent theatre pieces which were staged in art galleries, as well as tried a hand at writing as a theatre critic.

With my heart set on developing a career in the performing arts, I am extremely honoured to receive the support of the RC Lee Centenary Scholarship to pursue a research masters in Media and Performance Studies back at Utrecht University, a programme that would enable me to further my knowledge in the field, and merge together my academic and artistic aspirations.

My academic interests are primarily in improvised theatre, site-specific works and contemporary dance.  My contributions have previously appeared in dance journal/hk and other publications by the International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong).  As a fond advocate of interdisciplinary studies and research, I enjoy reading and learning beyond the boundary lines of disciplines and discovering new ideas to inspire both creative work and research projects. 

It is my aspiration to become a performance artist in dance as well as a scholar in the field of performing arts, and contribute to the development of arts and culture in Hong Kong.

Mr Alexander Chan, 2013 R C Lee Scholar

I am very thankful to be awarded with the RC Lee Scholarship for 2013 to pursue a Masters in Public Policy at Oxford University.

My undergraduate studies was in Information Engineering at HKU which has greatly trained up my analytical and problem solving skills and in turn inspires me on how these skillsets can be transferred to my interest area in poverty policy, specifically that of education opportunities for upward mobility and the development & growth of the 3rd sector.

My interest in education opportunities for the underserved first began when I was a Projects Intern for youth nonprofit Trybe Singapore during my gap year.  During which, I was involved in the planning and execution of extracurricular programs for underserved youths. The experience taught me a lot about the challenges that many of these youths faced (including discouraging parents as well as the lack of opportunities/attention) yet also about the power and impact that our encouragement can have on them. For me, what is most heartening is really the chance to guide and watch the kids grow and develop (be it in academic abilities or in working towards their ambitions/goals) as well as the chance to interact and learn from them.

Beyond education, I also strongly believe in the importance of growing the 3rd sector to help in poverty alleviation. In particular, over last summer, as part of a Service Project funded by the Kerry Foundation, I also led a team to a village in Xiu Shui (Jiangxi, China) where we helped work with the local enterprises to rebrand their products and established new sales channels for them. These experiences combined have allowed me to see and learn much more about the potential impact of social enterprises in poverty alleviation as well as the crucial role that government support has in growing these enterprises. In particular, with the growing interdependencies & complexity of the various social issues, it is becoming increasingly necessary for solutions to come not just from the public sphere but also from that of the private & 3rd sector.  

With that in mind, for the coming year of studies, I am thus relishing the chance to learn more about the role of both public & private actors in tackling different social issues through the design & implementation of policies. And in the long term, my greatest hope is to be able to work and grow the 3rd sector scene in Hong Kong.

Miss Evelyn WAN, 201
4 R C Lee Scholar

(Miss Evelyn Wan, 2012 R C Lee Scholar, completed her Master's program in Media and Performance Studies at Utrecht University.  She was awarded the 2014 Scholarship as she proceeds to her PhD study in the same subject area in the same university)

Miss KWOK Pui Ki Patricia, 2016 R C Lee Scholar

I graduated from the University of Hong Kong in 2016 with a major in Linguistics and a minor in African Studies. I would like to express my greatest gratitude to the RC Lee Centenary Scholarship for the very generous support, which enables me to pursue MSc in Education (Comparative and International Education), at the University of Oxford starting from September 2016.

Throughout my undergraduate career, I have been constantly reflecting on the causes of, and the solutions to educational challenges faced by underachieving or marginalized groups. Having had the pleasure to learn two African languages: Swahili and Chichewa, on top of being inspired by the cultural diversity, I started to get conscious of the complexity in language politics particularly in education. By embarking on a journey of exploration to conduct several research and volunteering projects in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda, I came to visualize numerous serious learning barriers at schools. Very often in these education systems, exoglossic languages manifest their domination as stipulated in the language policy. Without considering the proficiency of the majority who failed to understand the medium of instruction, an effective communication was impeded, let alone knowledge transmission. Likewise in Hong Kong, my experience working with several NGOs as a tutor and mentor for ethnic minorities revealed the learning difficulties they faced. In addition to the long-lasting negative stereotypes and misrepresentations, without a well-designed curriculum or methodology tailored to non-native Chinese speakers, frustrations in learning Chinese as a second language have been widely observed. The goal of “Education for All” therefore remains largely ideal in theory, but unrealistic in actual practices.

With these challenges in mind, my enthusiasm has been ignited to pursue a researcher career primarily focusing on language-in-education policy and language planning. Endeavoured to become a change-maker in my career trajectory, I am determined to devote my efforts to respecting diversity revolving around multilingualism and multiculturalism. Upon the completion of my studies, I am looking forward to contributing to the enhancement of educational benefits for ethnic minorities in Hong Kong, as well as the African communities which I have established connections with in the previous projects.

Mr. Julius YAM, 2016 R C Lee Scholar

Julius graduated from the University of Hong Kong’s Bachelor of Laws programme with First Class honours. With the generous support of the R C Lee Centenary Scholarship, he will be attending the University of Chicago to continue his legal studies for the academic year 2016-2017.

During his undergraduate studies, he was an active mooter and a keen researcher. He had won in both local and international mooting competitions, published in academic journals as well as served as a research assistant for a judge of the final appellate court in Hong Kong. His interest is not only in what the law is, but also in exploring what the law should be. His current academic interests are in constitutional law, separation of powers and government structure. Particularly, he is passionate towards exploring the relationship between the government and the people, and also the relationship between the judiciary and other institutions. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling, music and cooking.

Mr LEUNG Chun Yin Marco, 2017 R C Lee Scholar

LEUNG Chun Yin Marco graduated with first-class honours from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2017 with his major in Music and double minor in Psychology and Economics. With the generous support of the R C Lee Centenary Scholarship, Marco will pursue his Masters of Music with principal study in Flute Performance at the Royal College of Music, London starting from September 2017.

During his undergraduate studies, Marco has been active in developing his professional career as a musician. As a flautist and piccoloist, Marco has collaborated with different orchestras. He once played as concerto soloist with the Chung Chi Orchestra and Hong Kong Children’s Symphony Orchestra. He has also held principal positions in various orchestras in Hong Kong. Marco has also been accepted to different international festivals to study with world-known flautists, notably Emily Beynon, Henrik Wiese, Robert Winn and Paul Edmund-Davies.

Besides his interest in flute performance, Marco is also a dedicated conductor. He has been frequently invited in conducting different medium of ensembles and orchestras, including La Salle College Old Boys’ Wind Orchestra and CUHK Student Orchestra. Marco has co-founded the Hong Kong Youth Windophilics in 2012 with the aim of promoting wind orchestral music to the public. His dedication in conducting has also won the vote as the most favourite conductor by the Senzoku Gakuen College of Music Green-Tie Wind Ensemble during the World Music Contest International Conducting Masterclass in Japan in 2017.

With the motto “music is the nectar of the soul”, Marco believes in the power of music in altering the state of mind. Music should be a public good and everyone has the right to enjoy its beauty. In the coming future, Marco will carry on filling people’s life with music.


Mr Matthew MAK, 2017 R C Lee Scholar

After graduating from HKU with a BA in Linguistics and English, I was awarded the HKU-Hughes Hall Scholarship to pursue a 1-year MPhil at the University of Cambridge. With the generous support of the R C Lee Centenary Scholarship, I am able to further my studies at the University of Oxford where I will undertake a doctoral degree in Experimental Psychology.

My research interests lie in the interface of neuroscience, psychology, and linguistics. I am particularly interested in the cognitive/neurobiological underpinnings of developmental dyslexia, post-stroke language remediation, and the formulation of psychometric tests. The goals of my research are, first of all, to understand how the human brain acquires language and why it may malfunction, and second, to develop curative as well as preventive measures against language disabilities. With these goals in mind, I am confident that my research will get us closer to the truth and will make lives better.

I aspire to be a university professor, as I take great pleasure in not only research but also teaching. My passion for teaching germinated when I served as a voluntary tutor for visually impaired children. Seeing my students grow both intellectually and personally under my supervision fills me up with pride and recognizes my potential as an educator. I hope that as a professor, I will be able to nurture and inspire the young in Hong Kong. In addition, my tutoring experience with blind students had opened my eyes to the plight that underprivileged and marginalized students in Hong Kong face; I, therefore, hope to use my knowledge and influence to be their voice in the society so that their needs can be catered for and equality as well as diversity are respected and achieved.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading (fiction and biography), writing (fiction), travelling (Western Europe and US West Coast), hiking, and playing squash

Miss KWOK Pui Ki Patricia, 2017 R C Lee Scholar

(Miss Patricia Kwok, 2016 R C Lee Scholar, has duly completed MSc in Education (Comparative and International Education) at Oxford University.  She has now been awarded the 2017 Scholarship which supports her PhD study in the same subject area at Cambridge University, UK)

Mr Julius YAM, 2017 R C Lee Scholar

(Mr Julius Yam, 2016 R C Lee Scholar, has duly completed  LLM at Chicago University, USA.  He will be studying DPhil in Law at Oxford University, UK, as our 2017 R C Lee Scholar)