To Obtain an Application Form

  • All applications must be made on the Foundation’s prescribed application form.

  • These can be obtained from Download Center

  • Where and When to Submit an Application

  • All completed applications, together with all relevant supporting documents, must be addressed to Mrs. Clara Lee, Scholarship Secretary. c/o PO Box 3038, General Post Office, Hong Kong by registered mail by October 3, 2020

  • Late or incomplete or improperly completed applications, including applications without all the required supporting documents, and applications sent by facsimile or e-mail will not be considered. Candidates must ensure that their application forms are properly completed and accompanied by all necessary documents. The Scholarship Secretariat assumes no responsibility to notify candidates of any deficiencies in their applications.

  • Please click here to download the application form.

  • Supporting Documents

  • Completed application forms must be submitted with documentary evidence that the candidate meets all the requirements of the scholarship set out in the eligibility section of these notes. Photocopies of documents should be submitted with the application but no award will be confirmed until satisfactory original documents have been produced to the Scholarship Secretariat for verification purposes.

  • Please click here to download the checklist for the supporting documents.

  • Personal Statement

  • Candidates are advised that the Selection Committee will pay particular attention to their personal statement in which they give details of their life and achievements, their reasons for wishing to pursue their studies at their chosen university, as well as their future plans and aspirations and how they display the qualities described in the introductory paragraphs of these notes. This statement, which must be composed in its entirety by the candidate, should not exceed 1,000 words. It must be submitted in the candidate’s own handwriting but a typed version may be submitted in addition. The Scholarship Secretariat may call upon any candidate whose personal statement is difficult to read to submit a typed version. Candidates should bear in mind that the Selection Committee may not include any member with a specialist knowledge of their chosen course of studies. They must therefore refrain from giving an overly technical description of their proposed studies or any plans for future study.

  • Reference Letters

  • Open reference letters must not accompany application in any circumstances. Candidates are, however, required to furnish the names of three referees from whom references may be requested by the Scholarship Secretariat. Of their three referees, two should have taught the candidate at university within the last two years of study.The third referee must not be related to the candidate but must have known the candidate for at least five years outside the university and must be able to comment on the candidate’s character, interests and achievements. This referee may be a schoolmaster, a minister of religion or someone of similar status.

  • Candidates should note that their applications may be rejected if any of their referees fails to provide a reference within the time frame stipulated by the Scholarship Secretariat and that the Secretariat assumes no responsibility to notify the candidate of any such failure.

  • Please click here to download the prescribed Confidential Recommendation Form.

  • Important Dates

    The timetable for dealing with applications is as follows:-

  • Opening date for applications : August 29, 2020

  • Closing date for applications : October 3, 2020

  • Preliminary shortlisting : March 2021

  • Invitations for interviews : April 2021

  • Conducting of interviews : May 2021

  • Notification of results : June 2021


    For further enquiries:


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    For general enquiries about the scholarship, please email to
    However, we will not answer enquiries on the progress of an individual application.