Candidates must demonstrate at the time of award that they fulfil all of the following conditions :

    • They have been offered a place on a full-time course at their chosen university to study their chosen course and that they fulfil all the admission requirements of their university and any college to which they will be attached, other than those relating to their degree which must be fulfilled before their scholarship becomes unconditional;

      • (i) They hold a first class honours degree from their university in Hong Kong. Candidates may apply before they graduate but they will be required to show that they have expectations of a first class honours degree. On achieving this, their scholarship becomes unconditional;

        (ii) The Selection committee may, in exceptional circumstances, and having considered all the other qualities of the applicant, award the scholarship to a candidate who achieves an upper second-class honours degree.

    • They can communicate effectively in English as well as the language in which their studies will be undertaken, if different; and

    • They are under the age of 26 years on the date when their awards commence unless they have already held an R C Lee Centenary Scholarship and they are applying for a second scholarship to undertake further studies which follow on immediately after the end of their first scholarship
        (i) Candidates will also normally be required to show that they have completed or will complete their entire course of undergraduate studies as a full-time student in Hong Kong. Applications may be made by those who do not meet this requirement but candidates will be required to justify an exception being made in their favour in their applications.

        (ii) Candidates proposing to study for a second bachelor’s degree must also show that they will be studying for a degree in a different subject from their first bachelor’s degree.



  • This scholarship cannot be held concurrently with any other scholarship, exhibition, bursary or other award, however described. Any scholar who is subsequently offered a research or teaching fellowship, assistantship or like post must forthwith notify the Foundation of such offer and may only accept the same with the approval of the Foundation, which may be withheld or given on such terms, if any, as the Foundation thinks fit.

  • Scholars are not permitted to study for a second degree or qualification or to take any form of paid or unpaid employment while they hold their scholarship without first having obtained the Selection committee’s written consent. Failure to comply with any of these conditions will be regarded as a serious matter which may lead to the early termination of the award.


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