Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scholarship all about?

  • The scholarship is set up to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Dr Richard Charles Lee in Hong Kong on March 7, 1905.

  • Up to three scholarships each year will be awarded.The Foundation will not award any scholarships in a year in which there are no suitable candidates.

  • The duration of the award will be stated in letter awarding the scholarship. It will be set by reference to the letter from the scholar's university offering the scholar a place at the university and will only be extended in exceptional circumstances.

Why should I apply for the R C Lee Centenary Scholarship?

  • You would be able to pursue further studies at a renowned university outside Hong Kong.

  • You would gain international exposure and have a unique educational as well as personally enriching experience.

  • The scholarship covers a return economy class airfare, tuition fees, accommodation allowance, living expenses and vacation allowance.

  • You could read for a doctoral, master's or bachelor's degree.

When will the scholarships open for application?

The Foundation will normally invite applications in early September. However, applicants should note that application has to be made one year in advance of the commencement of studies.

When will the application deadline be?

October 3, 2020.

When will the scholarship start?

The commencement date of your academic study at the overseas universities. For example, the scholarship will normally begin in October for study at U.K. universities and January / February for study in Australia.

Who Is Eligible?

  • The eligible candidates
    • 1. have been offered a place to pursue their proposed course of study on a full-time basis at their chosen university and have fulfilled all the admission requirements of their university and/or college(s);
    • 2. hold a first class honours degree from a university in Hong Kong or expect to obtain a first class honours degree before taking up their scholarship;
    • 3. can communicate effectively in English, as well as the language in which their studies will be undertaken; and
    • 4. are under the age of 25 years on the date when their awards commence.

  • If you think that you will be offered a place at your chosen university and will be able to obtain a first class honours degree in Hong Kong before taking up the scholarship, you may still apply. Offer of the scholarship is conditional until you have met all the requirements listed above.

  • The Selection committee may, in exceptional circumstances, and having considered all the other qualities of the applicant, award the scholarship to a candidate who achieves an upper second-class honours degree.

  • If you intend to read for a second bachelor's degree, your proposed course of study must be in a different subject from your first bachelor's degree.

If I am not a Hong Kong citizen, am I still eligible to apply for the scholarship ?

Yes, you are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

How will candidates be selected?

    • Candidates will be selected by a Selection Committee.

    • Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by the Selection Committee on one or more occasions, and/or to participate in such other forms of assessment as the Selection Committee may determine.

How do I get the application form?

    • You can download the application package from our website at Download Center

How do I apply for a scholarship?

    • Completed applications together with ALL relevant supporting documents must be addressed to Mrs. Clara Lee, Scholarship Secretary at PO Box 3038, General Post Office, Hong Kong, before the application deadline.

    • For details of the supporting documents to be submitted, please refer to the "Checklist of Supporting Documents" attached to the application form.

    • Late or incomplete or improperly completed applications, including partial submission of the relevant supporting documents, and applications sent by facsimile or email will NOT be considered.
    • You are NOT required to submit recommendation letters at the same time as you submit your applications to the Scholarship Secretariat.The Scholarship Secretariat will be responsible for soliciting the recommendation letters at a later date.


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