Selection and offer of award


  • A short list of candidates considered suitable for interview will be made by the Selection Committee on the basis of information contained in the application forms, associated statements and papers and references, where taken up.

  • Interviews

  • Short listed candidates will be invited to attend an interview on one or more occasions, and/or to participate in such other forms of assessment as the Selection Committee may determine.

  • Offer of Award

  • The Scholarship Secretariat will notify all candidates of the outcome of their application.The Foundation’s decision in relation to any award is final. Reasons will not be given for granting or refusing an award. Enquiries and representations about granting or refusing an award will not be entertained in any circumstance whatever.

  • An award of scholarship will remain conditional until the Foundation is completely satisfied that all the conditions attached to the award have been fully met and that the following documents have been produced to the Scholarship Secretariat and verified by it:

    • i. proof that a place has been offered to the candidate by his/her chosen university to study his/her chosen course and that he/she fulfils all the admission requirements of that university and any college to which he/she will be attached;

      ii. proof that he/she has been awarded a first class honours by the university in Hong Kong at which he/she studied for his/her bachelor’s degree;

      iii. a signed agreement in the Foundation’s prescribed form stating that he/she will promptly report to the Foundation any change of circumstance affecting his/her award and that he/she is prepared to return to work in Hong Kong;

      iv. a signed letter in the Foundation’s prescribed form authorizing his/her university abroad to provide the Foundation with periodic reports and assessments about the scholar’s progress, performance and conduct throughout his/her course of study at that university;

      v. a satisfactory medical certificate in the form prescribed by the Scholarship Secretariat signed by a physician who is on the Scholarship Secretariat’s list of approved medical practitioners; and

      vi. such other documents and certificates as the Scholarship Secretariat may from time to time require.

  • Successful candidates are responsible for ensuring that they comply with all necessary immigration and health requirements of the country in which they intend to study.The Scholarship Secretariat will need to be satisfied of such compliance before any funds are initially disbursed. Any scholar whose visa requires extending during their course and/or who has a health requirement that fails to be complied with during their course must satisfy the Scholarship Secretariat of such extension or compliance before any further funds are disbursed to them.

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